Rainbow Golf Club
founded in 1988


2nd January tournament . . .

La Mirada

15501 Alicante Rd.
La Mirada
562 / 943-7123


Sunday, January 25
Time: 10:00 am

Check in: 9:30 am

Take the 91 frwy, exit Beach Blvd., go north to Rosecrans Ave; turn left and head toward Santa Gertrudes, turn right; travel to Alicante, turn left, course is on the right.


Latest Update: Jan 9, 2015

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       Rancho Park :
             Phil C.
             Sats U.
             Sats U.

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Highlights from Rancho Park ...
A great way to start the new year – a new course for some of us and beautiful weather.   Over the years, I have heard so much about Rancho Park, but never got to play it, because they didn’t allow weekend tournaments until recently.  So, I was expecting to see a bag drop, a big parking lot, beautiful clubhouse, a nice pro shop, and nice bathrooms.  Boy, was I fooled!!   In spite of my disappointment with the aesthetics of the exterior, I have to agree that Rancho Park is a fun and very playable course, no water hazards or environmental sensitive areas.  They need a sand trap marshal!!!
Thank you, Jean and Wayne, for a great job with the scorekeeping.  And, thank you, Donna, for helping with the musubis.  

Results of Rancho Park tournament:

Low net - flight A:


Mike Dockery


Wayne Vanderleest (72)
Flight B:


Donna deWit


Bonnie Roohk (77)
Flight C:


Don Campbell


Sats Uyeda (70)T
Vi Uyeda (72)
Flight D:


Joan Tall


Close to pin:

Bonnie Roohk; Bruce Maeda; Gil Maxey; Mark Scatolini            

February tournament . . .
Place: Brookside - Course #1
Date: Sunday, February 15
Time: 10:15 am - NEW TIME

$70 w/cart/range
$5 additional for guests



1133 N. Rosemont Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103

(626) 796-0177




New Rainbow rule . . .

After the tournament at Rancho Park, comments were made about the sand traps not being raked and golf balls were landing in big, deep shoe prints.  Trying to get the ball out of them, especially with soft sand, was brutal.  It was suggested that we introduce a new rule for Rainbow tournaments ONLY .  . . . . If your golf ball lands in a shoe print in the sand trap, you may take it out and place it outside of the shoe print, no closer to the hole, no penalty.  Remember, do not use this rule when playing with other tournaments.  

Motto for Rainbow Golf . . .
I recently saw a poster that had the following saying which I have adopted for our group . . .
You have three choices – 1)  Give in; 2) Give up; 3) Give it all you got!!
For Rainbow tournament policies and rule updates click here.


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