Rainbow Golf Club
founded in 1988

February tournament . . .

Empire Lakes

11015 Sixth Street
Rancho Cucamonga 91730


Check in: 9:30 am

Take the I-10 to Haven Ave; go north one mile; turn right on Sixth St.  

Latest Update: Feb 9, 2016

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Highlights from La Mirada ... Results of La Mirada tournament:

Second year in a row we had fantastic 80+ degree weather at La Mirada.  We’ve played in wind and rain before, and it wasn’t fun, so I’m glad the January 31 tournament was canceled.  With so many of our members fighting bad colds, I’m glad we were able to reschedule the tournament to the following week, Super Bowl or not.  Why did I not reschedule it for another weekend?  After much consideration and for various reasons, this was the best weekend, and I’m sure Gil and Mike will agree with that.  Gil shot a 73 and had three CPs, Mike shot a 78.  Great job, guys!! 

            Many thanks to the members who showed up to play La Mirada, we appreciate!! . . .  Thank you, Ed, for a great job in scorekeeping.  
Net score - first 4 holes, last 5 holes :


Ed Takei


Gil Maxey




Bruce Maeda (35.5)
Close to pin:

Gil Maxey (3); Gary Lockwood; Bonnie Roohk; Teri Kaneshiro   

March tournament . . .

Place: Los Verdes
Date: Sunday, March 13, 2016
Time: 10:00 am
Price: $54 walk; $67 w/cart; range included
$5 additional for guests
  PAYMENT DUE BY: February 20

7000 W. Los Verdes
Rancho Palos Verdes
310 / 377-7888




Two special events . . .

Rainbow Golf is very fortunate to have “friends” in the golf industry which have given us the opportunity to play at higher end courses at a lesser price.  So far this year, we have been approached, and have since scheduled, two special events at the following courses . . .

Oak Creek – Wednesday, February 24, 9:30am -- $65 per person, includes cart and range.  Deadline for payment is February 12.

Bear Creek – Monday, May 23 – 10:00am shotgun -- $65 per person, includes cart and range.  If you wish to be in the prizes, add $10 to your check = total $75.
Deadline for payment is May 12.   

New Rainbow rule . . . 2015

After the tournament at Rancho Park in 2015, comments were made about the sand traps not being raked and golf balls were landing in big, deep shoe prints.  Trying to get the ball out of them, especially with soft sand, was brutal.  It was suggested that we introduce a new rule for Rainbow tournaments ONLY .  . . . . If your golf ball lands in a shoe print in the sand trap, you may take it out and place it outside of the shoe print, no closer to the hole, no penalty.  Remember, do not use this rule when playing with other tournaments.

New Rainbow rule . . . 2016

Over the years I’ve heard complaints about some of our members with temper tantrums on the golf course – silent treatment, sarcasm, using f-bombs, throwing clubs and golf balls.  Quite uncomfortable to play with someone having a tantrum because of a bad round of golf, isn’t it?  Being frustrated is understandable, but throwing clubs or golf balls?  C’mon, it is only a game.  Remember, there are others who would love to trade places with you if only they weren’t confined to a wheelchair or a bed. 
So, for every golf club or golf ball thrown intentionally because of a tantrum, you will be assessed $5 each time it is reported by a teammate.  Yea, Rainbow could use the money!!!  Great fundraiser!!

Motto for Rainbow Golf . . .
I recently saw a poster that had the following saying which I have adopted for our group . . .
You have three choices – 1)  Give in; 2) Give up; 3) Give it all you got!!
For Rainbow tournament policies and rule updates click here.


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