Rainbow Golf Club
founded in 1988

September tournament . . .

Anaheim Hills

6501 Nohl Ranch Road
Anaheim 92807
714 / 998-3041


Sunday, September 20
Time: 9:00 am

Check in: 8:30 am

Latest Update: August 30, 2015

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Highlights from Coyote Hills ...  

Wow, did our Rainbow ladies rock, or what?  Good scoring, ladies.  Awesome round for Cynthia!!!  A crowded day at Coyote Hills with three tournament groups sharing a shotgun.  I like the way Coyote Hills staggered the groups -- Rainbow Golf was the first group out, followed by another group 10 minutes later, and the last group 10 minutes after that – a good way to help with the pace of play, but it still took a little more than five hours.         

Results of Coyote Hills tournament:

Low net - middle 9 holes minus 1/2 handicap:


Cynthia Maeda


Don Campbell (31.5)


Vi Uyeda




Alice Kaneshiro




Donna deWit




Scott Whitman


Close to pin:

Pete Smith; Chuck Tanori; Chris Tanaka; Chris Harrison   

October tournament . . .
Place: Sierra Lakes Golf Course
Date: Sunday, October 18
Time: 10:00 am
Price: $75 w/cart/range
$5 additional for guests
  PAYMENT DUE BY: October 5

16600 Clubhouse Road
Fontana 92336


Rainbow Golf Vacation to the Big Island . . .

We will be leaving on September 1 for Kona, returning September 8.  We’re keeping our fingerscrossed that the hurricanes Ignacio and Jimena will weaken or veer off from the Hawaiian islands.  Even though our golf can be canceled without penalty, it would be a shame not to be able to golf those beautiful courses. 



It’s a complicated situation, and we need to change the location of our year-end event.    

We will now be having our year-end golf and party at Black Gold Golf Course.  Golf fees will be $87, dinner is $34.

Anthea Koutroulis is our party chairman, and she is planning a very fun night.  You don’t want to miss it!!



Flights, games, prizes . . .

I have been asked, or heard through the grapevine,  why we have different games, why not just have low net, prize money is small etc., etc., etc.  Here are your answers . . .
First of all, entering the events is optional.  When you send in your payment, don’t include the $5 for the prize fund.
The $5 you pay into the prize fund covers all the events, whatever they may be.  The amount of prize money collected is determined on the number of players at any given tournament, and the number of flights for that day.  All money collected for prizes is given out that day. 
Some golf groups will add a few dollars to the green fees for whatever reason, but Rainbow does not and hopefully, will never do.  The only additional fee is your optional $5 prize fund.                
We have members whose handicaps range from a 4 to a 40.  Flighting a group is not always easy.  So that the lowest handicapper has a chance to compete, I will try and keep the range of handicaps in a flight to no more than 8.  Sometimes it is necessary to increase the range to 9 or 10, but rarely.  Most of the time, our guys will tee off from the white tees.  The blue tees would put some of them into flight B.  The white tees would put these same people in Flight A, which may increase the range in that flight.    
Some players, because of their handicap, will always find themselves at the top of their flight, lessening their chances of winning.  Some tournaments will have only three or four flight D players, thus too small for a flight.         
To be fair with everyone, playing various games (whether they make sense to you or not) gives everyone a chance to compete).  A couple of golf pros told me that several golf groups have disbanded because the members were bored with the same format (low gross, low net) every month.  These pros are helping golf groups to survive by suggesting different formats and events for their monthly tournaments.  So, you see, we’re doing what those pros are presenting to other groups.

Hole-In-One Fund . . .

I’ve mentioned this before, but just in case you’ve forgotten or are a new member, each person who gets a hole in one at a Rainbow tournament receives $300 which is presented to them at our year-end party.
Where does the money come from?  It is part of your Rainbow membership.  When you join Rainbow or renew your membership, Rainbow charges you $50, which is very inexpensive compared to most other golf groups.  Your $50 includes – SCGA/GHIN membership ($33), hole-in-one fund ($5), Rainbow Golf ($12).  Yes, we operate on a very low budget!!  Thanks to our musubi eaters, and especially to the ladies who wake up very early to make them (Alice, Donna, Cynthia) we “earn” a few dollars every month.

No-shows, last-minute cancellations . . .

Upon joining Rainbow, everyone is given a New Member Info sheet which includes our club policies.  One of the policies is . . .
If you cancel less than two weeks of a scheduled tournament, your money will not be refunded, unless; 1) there is someone on the waiting list; 2) YOU find someone to take your place. Whatever arrangements you make with that person will be your responsibility.

SPECIAL NOTE: Remember if you signed up to play and/or have a deposit on a tournament but did not inform us that you've changed your mind, you are assumed to be playing. Unless you advise us that you will not be able to play, you are still responsible for payment, because RainbowGolf must send the course our fees based on the final number of players who have signed up.

New Rainbow rule . . .

After the tournament at Rancho Park, comments were made about the sand traps not being raked and golf balls were landing in big, deep shoe prints.  Trying to get the ball out of them, especially with soft sand, was brutal.  It was suggested that we introduce a new rule for Rainbow tournaments ONLY .  . . . . If your golf ball lands in a shoe print in the sand trap, you may take it out and place it outside of the shoe print, no closer to the hole, no penalty.  Remember, do not use this rule when playing with other tournaments.  

Motto for Rainbow Golf . . .
I recently saw a poster that had the following saying which I have adopted for our group . . .
You have three choices – 1)  Give in; 2) Give up; 3) Give it all you got!!
For Rainbow tournament policies and rule updates click here.


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