Rainbow Golf Club
founded in 1988

June tournaments:


Saturday, June 2
7:30 am - SHOTGUN


Sunday, June 3
7:30 am - SHOTGUN

Latest Update: May 21, 2018
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Highlights from DeBell tournament

Results of DeBell tournament:

Our first visit to DeBell, and it beat even the best of our players.  Many very high scores, would you believe triple digit scores for our low handicappers?  Hmmm, guess they’re human after all.  Putting was tough, and only two people got CPs.  Parking spaces were at a premium, so some had to park alongside the street.  A narrow course indeed, and Sue decided to have a guessing game of how many balls would be lost.  Thirty-nine balls were lost, and Vi guessed it at 40.  Lots of history here -- Jean was raised in this town of Burbank, and in the early days of DeBell, Jean’s stepdad was a starter here.  The Castaways Restaurant sitting atop a hill next to the course served many prominent people and it was just recently renovated.   Though it was a challenging round, it was a fun day, worthy of booking it again. ☺☺. . . Thank you, Gil, for a great scorekeeping job.    

Low net – Mystery 9 holes minus ½ handicap



Ruben Alvarenga


Mark Miller (35)
Vi Uyeda (37)
Jan Hauhe
Close to pin
       Ruben Alvarenga; Donna deWit


2nd June tournament . . .

Place: Anaheim Hills
Date: Sunday, June 24
Time: 9:00 am
Price: $73 w/cart/range
$5 additional for guests

6501 Nohl Ranch Road
Anaheim 92807
714 / 998-3041


After golf dinner get-together . . . Saturday, June 2   

As we have in the past, we will have a dinner get-together on Saturday evening at 6:00 pm.  This year it will be at Kaiser Grille Palm Desert.
If you would like to join us, please contact Judy O’Leary at ojudyjudy@aol.com.  She will give you additional information.


No-shows, last-minute cancellations . . .

Upon joining Rainbow, everyone is given a New Member Info sheet which includes our club policies.  One of the policies is . . .
If you cancel less than two weeks of a scheduled tournament, your money will not be refunded, unless; 1) there is someone on the waiting list; 2) YOU find someone to take your place. Whatever arrangements you make with that person will be your responsibility.

SPECIAL NOTE: Remember if you signed up to play and/or have a deposit on a tournament but did not inform us that you've changed your mind, you are assumed to be playing. Unless you advise us that you will not be able to play, you are still responsible for payment, because RainbowGolf must send the course our fees based on the final number of players who have signed up.

Post Away or Tournament . . .

Many years ago at an SCGA meeting, I asked about posting scores as Away or Tournament.  At that time, I was told the weekly tournaments should be posted as Away.  Weekly tournaments are usually held by ladies or men’s clubs affiliated with a golf course.  They have major tournaments such as President’s Cup, Beat the Champ, or whatever else the club deems as major, and those are posted as Tournament.  After describing our monthly tournaments, it was suggested that we should post our scores as Tournament. 
I recently asked the SCGA if this was still the norm and also to clarify this ruling.  Below is their response . . .


The USGA just came out with an expanded definition of a tournament scores for more clarification.  See below.  I would say most of your scores should be posted as “away” with only special events posted as tournaments.

Tournament Score
A "tournament score" (T-Score) is a score made in a competition organized and conducted by the Committee in charge of the competition. The competition must identify a winner(s) based on a stipulated round(s), and must be played under the Rules of Golf.

The Committee in charge of the competition must announce in advance whether the score is to be designated as a Tournament Score. Not all club competitions qualify to be posted as Tournament Scores. For example, club events that are routine events such as daily, weekly, or monthly play days should not be designated as Tournament Scores.

Examples of scores made at the club level that should be designated as Tournament Scores include club championships (stroke play or match play) and member-guest competitions. Examples at the regional and state level include qualifying and championship rounds conducted by authorized golf associations. Also, qualifying and championship rounds conducted for national competitions should be designated as Tournament Scores.

Note: The consequence of designating too many competition rounds as Tournament Scores is that the chart value in the Handicap Reduction Table will be diluted (See Section 10-3 and Decisions 10-3/1 through 10-3/6). The Committee should scrutinize each competition in advance to determine whether it should be designated as a Tournament Score.


New Rainbow rule . . . 2015

After the tournament at Rancho Park in 2015, comments were made about the sand traps not being raked and golf balls were landing in big, deep shoe prints.  Trying to get the ball out of them, especially with soft sand, was brutal.  It was suggested that we introduce a new rule for Rainbow tournaments ONLY .  . . . . If your golf ball lands in a shoe print in the sand trap, you may take it out and place it outside of the shoe print, no closer to the hole, no penalty.  Remember, do not use this rule when playing with other tournaments.

New Rainbow rule . . . 2016

Over the years I’ve heard complaints about some of our members with temper tantrums on the golf course – silent treatment, sarcasm, using f-bombs, throwing clubs and golf balls.  Quite uncomfortable to play with someone having a tantrum because of a bad round of golf, isn’t it?  Being frustrated is understandable, but throwing clubs or golf balls?  C’mon, it is only a game.  Remember, there are others who would love to trade places with you if only they weren’t confined to a wheelchair or a bed. 
So, for every golf club or golf ball thrown intentionally because of a tantrum, you will be assessed $5 each time it is reported by a teammate.  Yea, Rainbow could use the money!!!  Great fundraiser!!

Motto for Rainbow Golf . . .
I recently saw a poster that had the following saying which I have adopted for our group . . .
You have three choices – 1)  Give in; 2) Give up; 3) Give it all you got!!
For Rainbow tournament policies and rule updates click here.


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