Rainbow Golf Club
founded in 1988

Hole in 1!
Congratulations Pete Smith!

1st August tournament . . . Las Vegas

Royal Links

5995 Vegas Valley Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89142
Phone: 888-906-0459


Saturday, August 1
Time: 6:30 am

Check in: 6:00 am

Bali Hai

5160 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone: 877/602-8191


Sunday, August 2
Time: 6:30 am

Check in: 6:00 am


Latest Update: July 22, 2015

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Highlights from Los Verdes ...  

Say it ain’t so!  Another Rainbow hole-in-one!!! Congratulations to Pete Smith for his first hole-in-one!!  Mission accomplished –  it has been Pete’s dream to one day get a hole-in-one.  And, he did it on the par 3 hole #12.   This must be the season for holes-in-one as Judy O’Leary got hers a week ago at Lakewood with her ladies club . . . .Though fairway conditions weren’t the best at Los Verdes, the views were spectacular.   Heard through the grapevine that a certain member was near a tree and as he addressed the ball and took the club back, the club got stuck in the tree.  How did he do that?  Did he break any branches?  Hmmmm, was that a penalty??? . . .  How about that rain?!!  It hasn’t rained for a while, but of course, it had to rain on a Rainbow tournament in mid-July.  Our poor walkers were soaked . . . Thank you, Robert and Donna, for a great job with the scoreboard.  Thanks, also, to Cynthia for providing the musubis!            

Results of Los Verdes tournament:

Low net - flight A:


Pete Smith


Dave Shutts (73)
Flight B:


Dave Rojas


Mark Miller (71)
Flight C:


Vi Uyeda


Donna deWit
Don Campbell
Flight D:


Nancy Kutnick


Jean Serio (73)T
Close to pin:

Mark Miller; Dave Rojas; Pete Smith; Judy O’Leary      


2nd August tournament . . .
Place: Coyote Hills
Date: Sunday, August 23
Time: 8:00 am - SHOTGUN
Price: $80 w/cart/range
$5 additional for guests
  PAYMENT DUE BY: August 10

1440 E. Bastanchury Road
Fullerton 92835
714 / 672-6800



It’s a complicated situation, and we need to change the location of our year-end event.    

We will now be having our year-end golf and party at Black Gold Golf Course.  Golf fees will be $87, dinner is $34.



New Rainbow rule . . .

After the tournament at Rancho Park, comments were made about the sand traps not being raked and golf balls were landing in big, deep shoe prints.  Trying to get the ball out of them, especially with soft sand, was brutal.  It was suggested that we introduce a new rule for Rainbow tournaments ONLY .  . . . . If your golf ball lands in a shoe print in the sand trap, you may take it out and place it outside of the shoe print, no closer to the hole, no penalty.  Remember, do not use this rule when playing with other tournaments.  

Motto for Rainbow Golf . . .
I recently saw a poster that had the following saying which I have adopted for our group . . .
You have three choices – 1)  Give in; 2) Give up; 3) Give it all you got!!
For Rainbow tournament policies and rule updates click here.


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